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5 Ways A/C Maintenance Pays for Itself

Routine air conditioner maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure maximum efficiency, performance, safety and reliability of your home’s cooling system.

1. Increased Energy Efficiency & Extended Life Expectancy

Like most things, HVAC systems that are well cared for will experience fewer problems, will last longer and run more efficiently.  Our routine maintenance services will help keep your utility bills in check and your system running at peak performance.

2. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Did you know the air inside your home can actually become dirtier and more polluted than the air outside?  Indoor air can become trapped, especially in the winter months when you keep your doors and windows tightly closed.  Over time, dirt, bacteria and pollutants can build up and cause health concerns for you and your family. With routine maintenance we ensure that your system is clean and air you breathe is as healthy as possible.3.

3. Prevent Inconvenient Breakdowns

Unexpected breakdowns, no matter when they occur are simply an inconvenience.  Routine HVAC maintenance will help catch potential problems before they result in an untimely failure, leaving you and your family without cooling.

4. Minimize Repair Costs

With regular heating and air conditioning maintenance, our experts are trained and certified to pinpoint and address problems before they become costly repairs.

5. Maintain System Warranty

In the event of a system malfunction, many major repairs are covered under a system warranty. However, most manufacturers as a term of the warranty agreement, require that an annual checkup be performed. System’s that haven’t been maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications are subject to a voided warranty.

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