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10 Ways to Manage Hot & Cold Spots

Have you ever wondered why some rooms in your home always feel hotter or cooler than others?  You’re not alone.  Hot and cold spots are extremely common, especially in 2 story homes.  Check out our 10 easy and affordable ways combat uneven temperatures.

1. Check Your Vents & Registers

Make sure all of your vents and registers are open and free of obstruction such as curtains, rugs or furniture.  Never close your vents or registers to redirect airflow, doing so causes added pressure and stress on your HVAC system that can cause it to fail prematurely.  

2. Check Your Filter

Remember to change your filter every 2-3 months.  A dirty or clogged filter will restrict the amount of air that passes through it, definitely impacting the overall comfort of your home and increasing the likelihood of hot and cold spots.

 3. Adjust Ceiling Fans

Using your ceiling fans year-round can increase comfort and decrease energy efficiency.  Simple adjustments to your fan’s rotation and speed can make a huge difference in air circulation.  During spring and summer months run your ceiling fan(s) in a counterclockwise rotation at a higher speed to push cool air down.  During fall and winter, reverse your fan’s blade direction to clockwise and adjust the speed to the lowest setting.  This will help redistribute warm air, that naturally rises.

4. Turn Thermostat Fan Setting to On

Check your thermostat fan settings, auto is typically the default.  In auto mode, the fan will only run when your heating or cooling system is cycling.  If you change your fan setting to “on”, the fan will run all of the time.  This constant circulation allows for better air quality and more evenly distributed air throughout your home.  Take note, turning the fan to the on position will may increase your energy usage – especially if you have a lower efficiency system.

5. Seal Your Windows & Doors

Eliminate drafts and air leaks by sealing cracks and gaps in your window and door frames.  A proper seal will not only help to keep out extreme seasonal temperatures, but it will keep in properly conditioned air.

6. Thermostat Operation

First and foremost, make sure your thermostat(s) are in a good location and away from any and all heat sources that could result in an improper reading.  If you don’t have a programmable model, you could consider upgrading for more advanced comfort control.

7. Have the Size of Your HVAC System Evaluated

Many people do not realize how much an improperly sized HVAC system can impact the overall comfort of your home.  A system that is too small for the space will be forced to work harder than it needs to in order to satisfy heating or cooling demands.  This not only creates excess wear and tear on the system but it drives up energy costs.   Units that are too large for the space tend to produce too much heat or too much cool air, making it hard to control even temperatures.

8. Leaky Ducts

Did you know that over 90% of homes have leaky ductwork?  It is typically not something you recognize until it starts effecting your comfort.   The easiest analogy is comparing your ductwork to a straw.  Have you ever tried to drink from a straw that is cracked or broken?  It’s difficult and in some cases nearly impossible. . Well the same applies to your ductwork. When there are leaks, air is not making its way through the system and into your home.  Instead the air is escaping, leaving you will low air pressure, high energy bills and uneven temperatures. 

9. Install a Zoning System

A zoned system utilizes dampers inside your ductwork to direct the right amount of conditioned airflow to each area of your home.  It’s an effective solution that costs a little more than the other options, but in the long run will save you on energy usage.  

10. Consider Ductless

Ductless split systems are the perfect addition to any home or office.  They can be installed in a single room or throughout an entire home to provide supplemental heating and/or cooling where needed.

If you’re tired of inconsistent temperatures and hot and cold spots, it’s time to take back your comfort.  Contact Lisco Heating & Cooling today!

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