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Air Conditioning Repair Services

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When the summer heat is unbearable, you need a high-functioning air conditioning system on your side to keep your family cool and comfortable. If your AC is on the fritz, give the professionals at Lisco Heating & Cooling a call. We’re available, round-the-clock – for all of your air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation needs. We service all makes and models of:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Heat Pumps
  • Ductless Split Systems
  • Gas, Electric & Propane Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Gas Unit Heaters
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When something goes wrong with your air conditioner it can sometimes be hard to tell if what you are experiencing is normal or if you need to call in an expert. The professionals at Lisco Heating & Cooling can help you interpret the signs and find a quick resolution.
Here's what to look for:

Warm Air

If warm air is blowing from your vents it could be a sign that the Freon level in your air conditioner is low. As a first measure, you can try to replace your air filter to see if that helps.  If not a Freon charge from our experts may be in order.

Little to No Air Flow

Over time, dirt and debris can collect on your vents and inside your duct work. First you can try cleaning off your vents and replacing your furnace filter.  If that doesn’t work you may have a larger issue that requires our experts to evaluate your system.


Any liquid pooling near your furnace or air conditioner is a sign of either a refrigerant or condensate leak. Both issues require immediate attention for your family’s health and safety.

Bad Odors or Burning Smells

Any signs of abnormal odors or burning can be indicative of a major system issue. First shut down your system at the circuit breaker and call in an expert.  Whether the smell is electrical, gas or burning, they are all serious matters that require immediate attention.

Loud Noises

Squeaking, grinding, and pounding are all signs that something is wrong with the mechanical function of your HVAC system. It could be something as simple as a loose belt or something as serious as a broken internal mechanism. Shut down your system to prevent further damage and give us a call.


When you’re considering repair or replacement services, it’s important to be confident about the contractor you choose. We know this all too well at Lisco Heating & Cooling. That’s why we make it our mission to offer our customers the best, most comprehensive service possible. We go above and beyond for every single job – no matter how simplistic or challenging it may seem.

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We are so confident that you will be comfortable—not only with your Carrier heating and cooling products, but with Lisco’s services—that we back it up in writing with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Ask us for details!